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Early Bilingualism - Will Children Be Able to Learn English Properly?

  • This is a common concern, but it is not well-founded in British Columbia unless the child has specific learning difficulties.
  • This is the question most often asked to the administrative staff of Francophone schools in minority settings!

  Don’t forget that…

  • In British Columbia, the entire community strengthens English. This is why it is absolutely essential to maximize exposure to French as much as possible at home and in daily life during the optimal years of language development. See Promoting French (The 4 Rs).
  • In BC Francophone schools, formal teaching of English begins in Grade 4 as in most other provinces and territories.
  • The level of proficiency in English for Grade 12 graduates from minority Francophone schools shows that these students are as competent in English as their monolingual Anglophone counterparts, or even stronger.

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