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Promoting French (The 4 Rs)

 The 4 Rs are an approach to promote French every day.

  • Routine
  • Rejoicing
  • Repetition
  • Rewarding
  • Routine (an activity that is regular and predictable, such as reading a book every evening, brushing the child’s teeth, preparing a snack to take to daycare) gives the child a feeling of emotional security and enhances an appreciation of French by making it part of his or her regular activities.
  • Rejoicing (a game or activity that the child loves to do, like watching DVDs, singing, playing hide and seek, and reading) strengthens family ties, makes for wonderful memories and enhances an appreciation of French by giving it a socio-emotive dimension. The element of play also helps build the child’s knowledge of French by introducing him or her to new situations (“So, let’s pretend that you are the cashier at the supermarket and I am your customer, ok?”).
  • Repetition (repeating the linguistic “content” of an activity, for example singing “Frère Jacques” until the child knows the words and the melody, or reading the same story over and over again) provides a solid anchor for language learning while putting the child at ease.
  • Rewarding is what gives the child a sense of confidence and competency. By letting the child experience activities in an encouraging atmosphere (“Good for you!”, “I am proud of you!”, “That’s great!”), the child associates French with a pleasant experience that builds self-esteem and that the child will want to repeat.

Source : PEPMC – Ressource pour les professionnels de la petite enfance, 2010 Legacies Now, 2010 (information in English on page 19) 

To find out more...

  • GRANDIR CBMC Activity Card series - Several of these 40 cards, which are the French adaptation of LEAP BCTM Activity Cards and can be downloaded for free, include activities using the 4Rs. They provide parents and early childhood professionals with activities that are simple and easy, presented in four series. (Please note that 4R activities are found only in the French language cards.)
  • Chansons pour enfants” CD - This CD, produced by the Fédération des parents francophones de C.-B. (FPFCB), contains some 30 songs from the traditional Francophone repertoire, in two versions: with voice and music, and with music only. They are an ideal complement to the GRANDIR CBMC resources, as the songs featured are among those used in the various activities. The songs are available for free download, and the lyrics can be obtained on the FPFCB's website; the CD can also be purchased from the website.
  • The 4Rs in action - Songs (and Nursery Rhymes) - Article published in Parenthèse that provides practical advice for incorporating the 4Rs in your daily routine.